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great actions she could take
in order to achieve this. Ultima-
tely, she decided that the best
action to take was to take all
of Friday morning off to do
a huge, disciplined and ri-
gorous tidy up of her study,
desk and computer, clearing
out stuff she really didn’t
need any more. At the end of
the morning Lindy ended up
with a whole wheelie bin full
of paper and old folders.
That evening Lindy and
her partner celebrated with
a bottle of their favorite Pol
At our next session, Lindy
was visibly in a lighter mood.
We went through the same 5
questions again and Lindy left
with more actions and slowly
but surely the ship turned.
Over the next few weeks,
Lindy committed to the fo-
llowing actions which made
a huge difference on the Fun
in Business Scale:
• Implementing a consistent
and disciplined debt collec-
tion system.
• Move out of the serviced office
and set her office up properly
at home.
• Setting up her technology
better to encourage her clients
to work via Skype more often.
• Cutting down her networking
commitments to the few who
had shown the best Return on
Investment over time.
• Starting a regular blog.
• Findingclarityabout thedeepest
purpose of her business.
• Starting to transition her bu-
siness model to a retainer mo-
del rather than a fee per ses-
sion model.
Six months later, Lindy
scored herself an 8.05 on her
Fun in Business Scale and was
excited to be aiming to get to
a 9 by the end of the year. I
spoke to Lindy recently and
she continues to be challen-
gend and excited about her
adventures in business. The
idea of going back to her old
corporate job never crosses
Lindy’s mind anymore.
Make fun your most impor-
tant KPI in your business, and
your business and your life will
never be the same again… I
promise you!
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